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In the commercial neighbourhood in North East side of Fergus, stand a building a this very unique.  Built with a ‘stay-in-place’ PVC Concrete Form Wall, this structure offers numerous features.

  • Strong:  Concrete with reinforcement bar makes this wall rock solid.  Even the forklift will cringe if you bump into these walls.
  • Bright:  The PVC on the interior and exterior provides for a bright building.  Reflection of light is great for making a bright workplace.
  • Easy to Clean:  The PVC is easy to clean, waterproof and even food grade wall liner
  • Energy Efficient:  The concrete acts as a heat-sync and with insulation to the exterior side of the wall, the heat radiates back into the building.  Insulation to one exterior side is optimal, even more so than a typical ICF wall.  It is even possible to place some of hydronic radiant heat tubing within the walls.
  • Easy to Build:  Once understanding the building system, the walls are built quickly and integrate rebar with ease.
  • Fire Proof Walls:  With a concrete core the walls are very resistance to destruction.

In addition to an innovative wall system the facility boasts of energy efficient in-floor radiant heating and LED light fixtures.  This might be the most efficient commercial building in all of Fergus!

Consider this product especially for building a bright, clean work environment such as food handling or food processing.  Hog barns, car washes, manure tanks, aquaculture tanks are all common-place structures for this types of wall systems.

To begin contemplating construction on your PVC Concrete Form Wall building be sure to contact our team at POST – we would love to assist.